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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Cougars Clip Eagles Wings

Round 3, Sun May 28, 2.30pm - The Vancouver Cougars had a comfortable victory over the Burnaby Eagles in the end after a spirited opening by the Eagles. The Eagles held a 7 point lead at quarter time only to see it gradually wittled away as the Cougars got stronger as the game progressed. Tricky conditions with the wet field and occasional showers did not dampen the enthusiasm of all players in what was a tough and hard fought game.

Final Score:

Vancouver Cougars 8-16 (64)
Burnaby Eagles 3-4 (22)

*** Please note this Burnaby Eagles website may not be updated this week - please check BC Footy.com and the Cougars website for updates especially regarding the Kelowna tournament this coming weekend! ***

Friday, May 26, 2006


This week is a very important game as we are all square with cougars at 1 a piece and after an ordinary performance in Port Angeles its time we clawed back and and showed our true character! We need all players to attend this game and start building on a better season for the club. All players need to be there by 12.45pm this Sunday to give us time to prepare.


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Eagles Dominate Top 5 - Footy Tipping Update!

After 8 Rounds - Adelaide local lad Orfy still remains in the lead by 1 over Eagle Legend, Pete Taylor! Laura Grills, wife of Cougars super coach Stu is doing superbly in 3rd position with former Eagle Myk Aussie in 4th and Eagles Coach Freeman rounding out the Eagles stacked top 5!

GAME: Round 3 - Eagles v Cougars This Weekend!

This weekend is Round 3 of the Cougars v Eagles clashes - be at Burnaby Lakes East Rugby Fields no later than 1pm on SUNDAY! So everyone should make sure they get out to training on Wednesday Night to be ready for what should be a huge game. The Eagles are keen for revenge after their loss in Port Angeles. Once again, training will be on the Grass fields in Burnaby from 6.30pm to 8.30pm, followed by Pies and beers at the Rugby Club afterwards.

Friday, May 19, 2006

They Call Him Stinky!

In the last couple of weeks the word or should I say smell has been talked about on the training track. Eagle speedster Paul Atkinson has given himself the nickname stinky but it was not a suprise to is fellow eagles teamates. We contacted his driver and teamate Evan the Wiz Ozirney and what he said may shock you! " yeah man I drive him to footy practice every thursday ... that guy .... he stinks! Maybe I should teach him how to shower and as you know, I'm the first in the shower after practice and the last out. Man, freemans on his 3rd beer and Vargos on his 5th water by the time I'm out! I really wish Paul would put some spray on as quick as he runs down the wings .... and that's pretty quick. "

So we dove deep into finding the real reason and why he made this up and we spoke to an old teamate and new Eagle Chris Payne. Chris said "well we finished the 2004 season up on the gold coast and it was a hot last game I can tell you that, and stinky done some running that game and then he packed his gear up for another year. I remember we arrived for pre-season training the following year and Paul grabbed his stuff out of his bag and the smell could stop traffic! He had not changed his gear from last year and it was the worst smell of all time." The Eagles are now in negtiation with REAL GUARD to see if they will sponsor STINKY for the rest of the year!

Thursday, May 18, 2006

EVENT: Bucks/Stag Night


Eagles forward Shane (plugger) Burgess is having a bucks day/night this Sunday and for you canadians a bucks night is a stag night. It will start at the SOHO bar on the corner of Davie and Denman at 4pm and then head to as many places that will except us. Eveyone is invited to watch Shane get totally wasted and to see if he has any hair on his body by the end of the night. So get there and have a few beers for a footy mate who joins a long line of men that take orders from a woman!

Cheers and see you all there!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Eagles Go Down To Cougars...

.... but there's always a next time!

We ventured out as a team to Port Angeles on Saturday and we had a hick-up at the border with Shane (plugger) Burgess trusting his future wife by letting her put together his footy bag and passport. The only problem was that she packed his expired passport! However, not to worry as Ted Bundy flew back to Vancouver and picked it up and they were soon off about an hour behind eveyone else.

We arrived at Port Angeles after a six hour journey by van and ferry only to find out that seattle only wanted to play just the one game and the Cougers were the lucky ones! We were pretty dissapointed considering we had traveled all that way only to play against the Cougars again. Oh well, we still had a footy game to play and it was all set: Eagles vs Cougars.

From the start we knew we had our hands full with the Cougars showing their best midfield in a long time. In what was a game that seemed one sided but a lot of positives had come out of it and we should see the affects of this in future games.


VANCOUVER-- 8-15-63


BEST- Atkinson, Payne, Dickens, Brett, Chuck and Ozirney

GOALS-- Dickens 1 , Coventry 1, Attwell 1

It wasnt the result we wanted but there's always next week and we will be better prepared and ready to go. Lets keep your heads up and all get to training!

Monday, May 15, 2006

URGENT: Training Nights Now Wednesday's!

Ladies and Gents Football training will be held on Wednesday Night (May 17th) this week starting at 6.30pm until 8.30pm! We will be training on the grass out front of the Burnaby Lake Rugby Club 3860 Sperling Ave Burnaby.

Burnaby Lake Map

Due to training ground availability and times, BC Footy has decided to change training for the remainder of May and for the month of June to Wednesday nights between 6.30pm & 8.30pm at the above location, so please change your schedules. The great thing with this change is that the clubs sponsor (Burnaby Lake Rugby Club http://blrc.bc.ca/) is only a short stair climb to a few cool beverages and pies! Training will return to Thursday nights from July onwards, an update email will be sent in late June with these details. Thanks for your patience, and thank you to everyone who attended the Port Angeles trip!

BC Footy Committee

Stu Grills Contemplates life without footy

Every footballer at some point reaches that crossroad, life without football. For some, they simply move on away from the sport and step into new ventures. For others, who have enjoyed being in the spotlight for a long length of time have only found that the bright lights of fame have blinded their vision an disrupted any future happiness once that light fades to a complete darkness. Right from the gecko’ baby Stu was born to play football.

Stu Grills has enjoyed a wide range of success with his football career. Too many or perhaps too few to mention. Legend and famous commentator, Lou Richards once described Grills as “a good ordinary player”. Stu spent many years trying to prove to Lou that he was more than just ordinary. Grills, seeking to find the answer to ‘is the grass greener on the other side’ knowing his career will one day cease, has started his own business called YARD VENTURES. He has always loved the smell of grass. (Wow man!) These days he spends his time cutting lawns and trimming hedges. He divides the lawn area to be mowed into 4 sections. Each section is broken down into a game, as he tries to improve his mowing time and leaving less grass clippings behind each section, quarter, and game whatever. You don’t play football for as long as Stu has and just walk away. It’s in his blood. A resident of West Vancouver with a 60ft long 20ft high hedge called upon YARD VENTURES for an annual trim. When the owner arrived home he was outrage to find Mr. Grills standing in complete Australian Rules football gear and pulling up one sock and lining up to take a shot at the goals. Mr. Grills had cut out three equal sections of the 70yr old cedar hedge and shaped 4 narrow 20ft high goal post with his $65 HOME DEPOT hedge trimmer. Perhaps a keen supporter of Australian Rules football could understand such a strange behavioral pattern that Mr. Grills is developing but one can’t understand why he trimmed out each post to be of equal height.

Mr Cheweyonyabeut from the physiological behavioral pattern of human science at UBC CANADA has suggested that Mr. Grills has fixated his life on footy to the extent that his brain has divided itself into 4 quarters. Most human brains are divided into a left and right hand side. There is a lot of confusion up there in his head and grass doesn’t grow on a busy street. Mr. Cheweyonyabeut suggests the 4 sculptured goal post in West Van’ was a deliberate exercise into tricking himself that even if he kicks a point it’s still in between two big sticks and therefore is a goal.

The Commissioner of BC Footy was contacted earlier today and although he is concerned about the long term effects Stu might have suffered from a number of concussions he also believes his old mate is at a crossroad. Family and friends have come together for Mr. Grills in an effort to help support the legend that one day will have to live with himself without football 24/7

Mr. Grills was unavailable for comment.

Friday, May 12, 2006

EXCLUSIVE: MyK Aussie “Bears” all – I'm no longer an Eagle!

In shocking news broken last night, former Eagle stalwart and self conferred “Aussie-Web-Sports-Video-Celebrity-Media-Funny Guy” MyK Aussie has turned his back on the Eagles to play for the newly formed Calgary Bears.

Despite continuous reassurances during the pre-season to his beloved “Banana-bender” mate and Eagles Skip Stevie Harper, that he’d be back the Eagles jumper this year, the Eagles community was shocked to be alerted to MyK’s defection via MyK’s own website – www.mykaussie.com

Apparently the revelation was posted on MyK’s site about a week ago, but it was only just now that players were able to wade through the various bouncing cheerleader gif files, stories of Pamela Anderson sightings, old footage of MyK at past NFL SuperBowls, MYKwebWORLD’s Massive menu and pictures of MyK with his Pamela cut-off,..to actually discover the news of his move.

When interviewed last night, Harper was quick to say: "I won't deny that I'm a bit surprised by the news. MyK had a good thing going here in Burnaby, including the fact that Freeman has a soft spot for ageing veterans”….

Eagles coach Freeman was quite dismayed upon logging in and reading the news himself. "I’m not going to lie – it’s a bit of a slap in the face for the Eagles. I named MyK our best clubman last year and to see him so quickly turn his back on a club that gave him so much is a little disappointing. MyK will be lucky to replicate his 2005 on-field performance in Calgary. I think its now a proven fact that my unique coaching technique are the sole reason that ageing veterans in their early 40s, late 30s such as Myk, Pete Taylor, the Wiz etc. are playing their best footy at the end of their careers".

When quizzed if his decision to stay in Calgary was influenced by a lovely young Calgary lass (a reason that could almost be accepted), MyK was quick to rebuke the question…"Mateeeeeeee, unfortunately things with the ladies aren’t much better over here in Calgary than they were in Vancouver..but things will turn around though you know, I mean, geez, they love the hat….you know what I saying…they love the hat. Ye see, chicks here in Calgary…there used to seeing guys wear hats…you know, with their Cowboy hats and stuff…and me Aussie hat’s a bit different you know…so it gets there attention…that’s all I need mate…just a little in and I can take it from there….they love it…. "

MyK’s move to the Bears should really come as no surprise to anyone in the NWPAFL circles. It seems in recent times that MyK seems keen to play for every single side in the NWPAFL before his ageing body gives out. He’s already donned the Calgary Kangaroos, Vancouver Cougars and Burnaby Eagles jumpers as these photos attest to…

Calgary sources report that MyK is now furiously putting his body through a strict training regime in order to be as fit as possible for the Big Kelowna tournament in June. Apparently he is on the one hand - keen to show his new Calgary teammates that he can still contribute on the field and on the other - keen to prove former Coach Freeman that he wasn’t the only reason for his age defying 2005 on field performances.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Eagles President Legless???

A flood of enquiries and concerns have been pouring into the Eagles headquarters after yesterday's post showed a picture of Eagles President Colin Hilton seemingly missing the lower part of his right leg! Pres, Col spoke with the Eagles webmaster this morning in a frantic phone call while weaving through traffic on the way to work, assuring all that he too was bemused and surprised when he first saw that photograph. "I remember that game well and I always wondered why my kicking for goal wasn't entirely straight. I mean I've been legless before as many of the boys would know for sure but this time it was during a game....I just don't understand it". Eagles webmaster Jase found it bazarre that such a star player such as Hilts would not have noticed if he was missing part of his leg during a game and was quick to point this fact out to the Pres. "Well, I'm so focussed on my pivotal role in this great club and sometimes I just don't notice when one of my limbs is missing for a brief time like that. I mean I'm always thinking of the club first".

Jase responded by suggesting that if this ever happens again he would be happy to lend him his metal plate that was inserted into his right leg after last years tragic injury against Victoria! Jase was just advised the night earlier that he is to undergo surgery again to have the plate removed so he would certainly have the ability to pass it on to other players to help them out if they are lacking in the "leg" department. Jase says "I think it's probably time to pass on some of my goalsneakness to other players in the club since I have officially now retired, and I couldn't think of a better person to help out than the President. I would hope that passing on something that was inside my magical goalscoring right leg might bring about some good fortune to Hilts, improving his accuracy and distance in front of goal and especially since he seems to forget his leg from time to time! I actually think that perhaps recent wayward forward Doug Vargo might have more use of it however I'd like to see it go to an Eagle!"

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Quote Of The Week Section!

We now have a new QUOTE OF THE WEEK section. These quotes will be sent in by, but not always quoted by, our President Colin Hilton. The aim is to inspire the Eagles through motivation and encouragement directed not only to players but to all supporters of this great club. It is through this vision that the Eagles will soar to greater heights. Check on the menu to the right below the "Inside The Eagles" section.

Eagles Coach & Pres "soaring like Eagles"

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Changes to this Thursday's Training!

This weeks training is on Thursday Night starting at 6.30pm and finishing 8.30pm. It will be held on real grass on the Rugby Fields opposite the Burnaby Rugby Club (were we had our game last week). It will then be a nice short walk to the Rugby Club for after training beverages and pies!

This weeks training is a very important one, as both clubs will be attending the Port Angeles matches against Portland, Victoria & Seattle this Saturday. We need as many guys to attend training, if you are unable to make training but will be available Saturday please email Stu Grills stu_grills@hotmail.com or Chris Freeman freemo76@hotmail.com and let them know!

Cover yourselves while playing in the USA!

Guys, I would strongly suggest if you do not have insurance for this trip to the U.S. that you get some in case you get an injury while playing. Trust me I know what it's like! Contact me (Jason) at The Travel Group I can hook you up with insurance at the last minute. Even the Aussies visiting Canada can get some coverage. Here's the info on the yearly plans which is really the best value:

For all those members who plan on playing with the Eagles when traveling out of the Province to the US or anywhere else in Canada and are not covered by travel insurance, the club highly recommends that travel insurance be purchased to cover any medical costs or assistance required.The club recommends the following travel company for insurance coverage and service:

The Travel Group, South Pacific Division - Jason # 604 605 5184

Every Footy trip should be worry free!

  • One policy – One price for year round medical coverage for as little as $38 per year.
  • Unlimited worldwide emergency medical coverage for unlimited trips throughout the year.
  • Easy to reach 24/7 emergency assistance service just a phone call away.
  • Flexible 9 day, 16 day, 30 day or 60 day options to choose from starting from $38

For further information on insurance please contact Jason Stratford @ jason@travelg.com

This weekend's game & travel details!

Game schedule/times

3 teams - Seattle, Vancouver, Burnaby, with Victoria and Portland players
making up the numbers in Round Robin format - each team will play 2 games each of 20 minute halves, first game 1pm.

Travel Details

So where is Port Angeles?

1. We will be organising a bunch of Mini-Vans from Vancouver to Port Angeles from the AVIS on Broadway. (Broadway at Willow - next to the Ramada Hotel). Please note, to get to the game on time we will have to leave around 7am (YES 7am). I know it's early, but it will be worth it. Cost will be around $20 per head.

2. It a 2+ hour drive to Edmonds from Vancouver.

3. The Ferry ride between Edmonds and Kingston is approximately 30 minutes.
They are fairly regular each way (usually b/w 35-50 minutes and run from 6am until 11.30pm. For full ferry schedule see the attached link - Ferry Schedule

4. It's then about a 1&1/2 drive to the field in Port Angeles.

5. We also have the boarder and possible ferry waits. The earlier we leave, the less waiting at the Border.


Address of Park
Not recommended, but for those who may want to make there own way there, we are playing at Civic Field which is on Race Street in Port Angeles - take a left onto Race street from the main road into town. (See pic below)

After Match Function
DownRigger pub - 115 E Railroad Ave, Port Angeles, WA 98362 (about 1 mile from ground on waterfront)

Places to Stay
We will be looking into this over the next couple of days for those who want to stay the night as opposed to coming back straight away (there will most likely be a couple of vans going back that night).

Here are a couple of options suggested to us -

PortSide Inn
Red Lion

Monday, May 08, 2006

In The Eagles Nest

A big week for the Eagles as we try and get 18 players down to the states for the Port Angeles tournament, should be a terrific day down there! Please get to training as the numbers last week were pretty small and we need as many guys to come down to the states as we can, so it starts thursday at training. It looks like we will play a couple of games so it will be a good test for us as a team.

In other news 2005 best and fairest Paul Lewis will be leaving the nest and thursday will be his last traning session with us so lets get right behind him and thank him for all his efforts with eagles. Lewie has no doubt been one of the best footballers to come through BC and we as a club were lucky to have him play for us. Good luck mate have fun on your travels and please get back for the last couple of games, as it would be great to see you in an Eagles jumper again come september. Also boys Lewie is still undecided if he will play saturday so lets push him to play one more game before he goes!

Thanks again Lewie!!



Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Eagles Name Team Leaders

The Burnaby Eagles named 3 team leaders for the up coming season.

The captain for 2006 is Steve Harper a hard working hard at the footy Defender/onballer who will lead by example all year.

The 2 vice captains for 2006 are Dale Wakefeild and Randy Dickens. Dale brings brings skill and experience to the team which will help all year. Randy who was the eagles 2005 best canadian and leading goal scorer has been rewarded by being named as vice captian.

Congrats to all the boys!

Monday, May 01, 2006

Eagles Put First Win On The Board!

The first clash between Vancouver and Burnaby was played on saturday. After raining non stop till the bounce of the ball the Eagle boys knew it was going to be a scrappy game and goals were going to be hard to come by. With conditions very hard to play in the Eagles got off to a great start kicking the first major of the game and by half time it was 4 goals to 1. The third quarter the Eagles kicked 4 goals to Cougars 1 and made it hard for the Cougars to come back in the last. In a pretty even last quarter with both sides scoring 1 goal a piece the Eagles ran out victors by 39 points!


EAGLES - 9-11-65

COUGARS- 3-8-26

EAGLE BEST- Team effort

GOALS- C Freeman 4, P Lewis 1, P Atkinson 1, R Dickens 1, A Brett 1, C Hilton 1.

SPECIAL MENTIONS from Coach Freeman - Damo great last game a terrific game in the backline, solid all day and Chris Canadian fantastic game solid as a rock in defence, keep working hard at training and mate and you will only get better!