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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Eagles President Legless???

A flood of enquiries and concerns have been pouring into the Eagles headquarters after yesterday's post showed a picture of Eagles President Colin Hilton seemingly missing the lower part of his right leg! Pres, Col spoke with the Eagles webmaster this morning in a frantic phone call while weaving through traffic on the way to work, assuring all that he too was bemused and surprised when he first saw that photograph. "I remember that game well and I always wondered why my kicking for goal wasn't entirely straight. I mean I've been legless before as many of the boys would know for sure but this time it was during a game....I just don't understand it". Eagles webmaster Jase found it bazarre that such a star player such as Hilts would not have noticed if he was missing part of his leg during a game and was quick to point this fact out to the Pres. "Well, I'm so focussed on my pivotal role in this great club and sometimes I just don't notice when one of my limbs is missing for a brief time like that. I mean I'm always thinking of the club first".

Jase responded by suggesting that if this ever happens again he would be happy to lend him his metal plate that was inserted into his right leg after last years tragic injury against Victoria! Jase was just advised the night earlier that he is to undergo surgery again to have the plate removed so he would certainly have the ability to pass it on to other players to help them out if they are lacking in the "leg" department. Jase says "I think it's probably time to pass on some of my goalsneakness to other players in the club since I have officially now retired, and I couldn't think of a better person to help out than the President. I would hope that passing on something that was inside my magical goalscoring right leg might bring about some good fortune to Hilts, improving his accuracy and distance in front of goal and especially since he seems to forget his leg from time to time! I actually think that perhaps recent wayward forward Doug Vargo might have more use of it however I'd like to see it go to an Eagle!"


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