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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

This weekend's game & travel details!

Game schedule/times

3 teams - Seattle, Vancouver, Burnaby, with Victoria and Portland players
making up the numbers in Round Robin format - each team will play 2 games each of 20 minute halves, first game 1pm.

Travel Details

So where is Port Angeles?

1. We will be organising a bunch of Mini-Vans from Vancouver to Port Angeles from the AVIS on Broadway. (Broadway at Willow - next to the Ramada Hotel). Please note, to get to the game on time we will have to leave around 7am (YES 7am). I know it's early, but it will be worth it. Cost will be around $20 per head.

2. It a 2+ hour drive to Edmonds from Vancouver.

3. The Ferry ride between Edmonds and Kingston is approximately 30 minutes.
They are fairly regular each way (usually b/w 35-50 minutes and run from 6am until 11.30pm. For full ferry schedule see the attached link - Ferry Schedule

4. It's then about a 1&1/2 drive to the field in Port Angeles.

5. We also have the boarder and possible ferry waits. The earlier we leave, the less waiting at the Border.


Address of Park
Not recommended, but for those who may want to make there own way there, we are playing at Civic Field which is on Race Street in Port Angeles - take a left onto Race street from the main road into town. (See pic below)

After Match Function
DownRigger pub - 115 E Railroad Ave, Port Angeles, WA 98362 (about 1 mile from ground on waterfront)

Places to Stay
We will be looking into this over the next couple of days for those who want to stay the night as opposed to coming back straight away (there will most likely be a couple of vans going back that night).

Here are a couple of options suggested to us -

PortSide Inn
Red Lion


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