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Friday, May 19, 2006

They Call Him Stinky!

In the last couple of weeks the word or should I say smell has been talked about on the training track. Eagle speedster Paul Atkinson has given himself the nickname stinky but it was not a suprise to is fellow eagles teamates. We contacted his driver and teamate Evan the Wiz Ozirney and what he said may shock you! " yeah man I drive him to footy practice every thursday ... that guy .... he stinks! Maybe I should teach him how to shower and as you know, I'm the first in the shower after practice and the last out. Man, freemans on his 3rd beer and Vargos on his 5th water by the time I'm out! I really wish Paul would put some spray on as quick as he runs down the wings .... and that's pretty quick. "

So we dove deep into finding the real reason and why he made this up and we spoke to an old teamate and new Eagle Chris Payne. Chris said "well we finished the 2004 season up on the gold coast and it was a hot last game I can tell you that, and stinky done some running that game and then he packed his gear up for another year. I remember we arrived for pre-season training the following year and Paul grabbed his stuff out of his bag and the smell could stop traffic! He had not changed his gear from last year and it was the worst smell of all time." The Eagles are now in negtiation with REAL GUARD to see if they will sponsor STINKY for the rest of the year!


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