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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Eagles Go Down To Cougars...

.... but there's always a next time!

We ventured out as a team to Port Angeles on Saturday and we had a hick-up at the border with Shane (plugger) Burgess trusting his future wife by letting her put together his footy bag and passport. The only problem was that she packed his expired passport! However, not to worry as Ted Bundy flew back to Vancouver and picked it up and they were soon off about an hour behind eveyone else.

We arrived at Port Angeles after a six hour journey by van and ferry only to find out that seattle only wanted to play just the one game and the Cougers were the lucky ones! We were pretty dissapointed considering we had traveled all that way only to play against the Cougars again. Oh well, we still had a footy game to play and it was all set: Eagles vs Cougars.

From the start we knew we had our hands full with the Cougars showing their best midfield in a long time. In what was a game that seemed one sided but a lot of positives had come out of it and we should see the affects of this in future games.


VANCOUVER-- 8-15-63


BEST- Atkinson, Payne, Dickens, Brett, Chuck and Ozirney

GOALS-- Dickens 1 , Coventry 1, Attwell 1

It wasnt the result we wanted but there's always next week and we will be better prepared and ready to go. Lets keep your heads up and all get to training!


At 6:12 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

And Campo goes down like a bag of S--T.


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