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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Membership Has Its Privileges

With the NWPAFL season just around the corner it is important for all club members to pay their membership. There are five payment options:

1. Pay $120 for the season (Full family membership)
2. Pay $100 for the season (Single Adult Membership)
3. Pay $50 for the season (Student Membership - student I.D. required)
4. Pay $10 for each game you play
5. Pay $15 to be a social club member

Your membership is important to the club as it helps pay for grounds for training and home games. You can give your cash or cheque to any Eagles committee member. 

The Burnaby Eagles have a strict "No Pay, No Play Policy" So get your membership in early to secure your position on the field. 

Lets make sure that the Eagles have a great year on and off the field. 

Sunday, March 09, 2008


It's back! This year it's going to be bigger and better than ever!

AFL Season starts 20 MARCH 2008!

There are 2 competitions this year that you can choose to join
or join them both if you like.

COMPETITION NAME 1 - "VanCougars" (for BC Footy)

This is the regular BCFooty competition which has been around for many years and it's username is "VanCougars "
(as Eagles weren't founded as yet when it was originly started)!
It is a free competition with no prizes other than the glory of being the best tipster in the group, and is open to all Cougars and Eagles Players, family and friends, and it's easy to join or just sign-back in if you were a previous member.

Click on the link below to join


COMPETITION NAME 2 - "NDJAFL" (for the North Delta Junior Australian Football League)

This is a new competition that has been set up with an entry fee of $20 that attracts a weekly winner prizemoney of $10 and a season ending winners bonus. You may or may not know that the North Delta Juniors Aussie Football League
is in the middle of fund raising to take Canada's Junior National Team (http://cjnwolfpack.blogspot.com)
to Melbourne in August this year! 90% of the national team comes from the almost 200 kids in the Delta, BC based league!
The $20 you contribute will go towards prizemoney in the competition and fundraising for the kids footy.
This competition will be made up of mainly the canadian kids in the league and/or their parents & friends and anyone else including BC Footy fans, players, families, supporters to join up and support this great opportunity for the kids.

Plus you could actually potentially win some money $$$$$ for yourselves!
If you do sign up please note ( someone from the Cougars or Eagles committee) will be chasing you for the $20
(a debt colector from either club from the Saprono family, should not be taken lightly)
This money needs to be paid in the form of cash prior to the AFL season opening round starting in just 3 weeks on Thursday night March 20 (Aussie time)!