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Monday, June 26, 2006

Footy Tipping Update - Top 10 - Tight Race!

Monday, June 19, 2006

GAME 5 - Eagles v Cougars!

Game #5 - Eagles vs Cougars is at the Burnaby Lakes Rugby fields at 1:00pm this Saturday, June 24th. Big game as the the two teams sit at 2 wins a piece against each other. Burnaby Eagles Pres Colin Hilton will be playing his 50th game and expecting BIG THINGS! (see earlier story on Col - http://burnabyeagles.blogspot.com/2006/06/eagle-pres-former-cougars-legend-set.html)

Coach Freeman calls out to all players to be at training this Wednesday night at 6.30pm (Rugby Fields) as he wants to have the edge on the Cougars come Saturday with a strong training session with big Eagles numbers!!

Go EAGLES and best of luck and congratulations to Colin this Saturday!

Burnaby Eagles Pres Col Hilton with former Eagle Jase Stratford

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Oh we’re from Burnaby
A flying fury
We’re from Burnaby
In any weather you’ll see us with a grin
Risking head and shin
If we’re behind then never mind
We’ll fight and fight and win
Oh we’re from Burnaby
We’ll never weaken till the final siren’s gone
Like the Eagles of old
We’re strong and we’re bold
Oh we’re from Burna (yellow and blue)
Oh we’re the BURNABY

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eagles Claw Back Into The Hunt!

After a couple of devastating defeats to the Cougars, the Eagles were itching to get out there and take on the Cougars. From the start it was set to be a close game with the score very close for 3 quarters. New Eagle Brent who was battling with a hangover was winning a lot of the ball (can't wait to see what he's like when he's fresh). Big Chucky was dominating the backline with his work rate and learning of the game improving so much and backline teamate "Canadian" Chris was also doing a grand job back there stopping a lot of the Cougars forward movements. Pete Taylor was battling all day and proving even if you dont have a pre-season you can still get a bit of the ball!

After Coach Freeman instructed his boys to "keep running and keep hitting the ball hard and the game will turn", it did, and the Eagle boys were on fire winning the ball out of the middle and it looked like they had stepped it up a few gears. Enter Dale Wakefield who was previously pretty quiet by his standards for 3 quarters and he decided it was time turn-up the forward line by kicking 3 fantastic goals that never looked like missing. In the end it was a fired-up Eagles team that really lifted in the last quarter to run away with this game.

Well done EAGLES!

Final score:

Burnaby 15-7-97


Vancouver 11-12-78

Goals: Wakefield 4, Dickens 3, Freeman 3, Fraser 2, Brent 1, hilton 1 (Ablett like snap) Chucky 1

Best from: Chris "canadian", Wakefield, Taylor, Chucky, Payne & Brent and all the Eagle boys in the 4th quarter!

AFL Footy Tipping Update

Orfy in Adelaide still leads the Tipping Comp but it's tightening up!
Here's a look at the Top 15:

Eagle Pres & Former Cougars legend set for 50 Games!

It is with great anticipation that BCFooty will finally see the first NWPAFL player hit the 50 mark during the next Cougars v Eagles game. That player is none other than former Cougar legend and now Eagles President Colin Hilton. Together with Stu Grills and Shine Edgar, Hilton is one of only 3 current players who played in the very first NWPAFL game (against Seattle) on April 8th, 2001.

Exert from BC Footy.com history:
Within the first few weeks of January 2001 Stuart had been contacted by several individuals interested in playing footy. The very first training session witnessed the following turnout: James Lay, Stuart Grills, Peter Campion and Greg Everett. The seeds had been planted and the team was growing. By mid February 2001 the official founding members of the team were apparent. In addition to James and Stuart, Jason Stratford and Colin Hilton had joined the team.

Always an elusive forward pocket and handy centreman, Hilton has had a long and successful career with both the Cougars and now Eagles. Some say his move in 2005 to join the Eagles was atkin to a Carlton player moving to Collingwood... ). Both footy clubs are the better for having Col around them and few could argue at the quality of his Handyman skills that have seen some spectacular scoreboards and 4 different (and better) versions of the goalposts. Hilt's it's been a pleasure!

Career Highlights (to date)

First Played - April 2001
Games - 49 (29 Cougars, 20 Eagles)
Goals - 23 (9 Cougars, 14 Eagles)
Honours - 3 time Premiership player (Captain in 2001), Eagles President - 2005-06.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Eagles Win in Sensational Comeback!

GAME 4 - The Burnaby Eagles in front of the largest crowd of the season on a brilliant sunny Saturday at Burnaby Lakes, came back from 13 points down at 3 quarter time to record a sensational win by 19 points over the Vancouver Cougars! In a skillful and open game played in perfect conditions, the Eagles kicked 7 goals without a miss in the final term to the Cougars 2. As an on-looker it was one of the most fairly played and skillfull games played this season, and a credit to both clubs for providing the great spectacle to the North Delta Footy kids, coaches, families and others that turned up to watch the game. Now if only there was goal umpires, a scoreboard and meat pies for sale .... Series tied now at 2-2. Congrats to the Eagles and coach Freeman for a job very well done! Match report to come.

Jason Stratford