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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Eagle Pres & Former Cougars legend set for 50 Games!

It is with great anticipation that BCFooty will finally see the first NWPAFL player hit the 50 mark during the next Cougars v Eagles game. That player is none other than former Cougar legend and now Eagles President Colin Hilton. Together with Stu Grills and Shine Edgar, Hilton is one of only 3 current players who played in the very first NWPAFL game (against Seattle) on April 8th, 2001.

Exert from BC Footy.com history:
Within the first few weeks of January 2001 Stuart had been contacted by several individuals interested in playing footy. The very first training session witnessed the following turnout: James Lay, Stuart Grills, Peter Campion and Greg Everett. The seeds had been planted and the team was growing. By mid February 2001 the official founding members of the team were apparent. In addition to James and Stuart, Jason Stratford and Colin Hilton had joined the team.

Always an elusive forward pocket and handy centreman, Hilton has had a long and successful career with both the Cougars and now Eagles. Some say his move in 2005 to join the Eagles was atkin to a Carlton player moving to Collingwood... ). Both footy clubs are the better for having Col around them and few could argue at the quality of his Handyman skills that have seen some spectacular scoreboards and 4 different (and better) versions of the goalposts. Hilt's it's been a pleasure!

Career Highlights (to date)

First Played - April 2001
Games - 49 (29 Cougars, 20 Eagles)
Goals - 23 (9 Cougars, 14 Eagles)
Honours - 3 time Premiership player (Captain in 2001), Eagles President - 2005-06.


At 3:19 p.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...


All the best with the big 50. Hope to be on the field with you and against you for the next 50. Well done.



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