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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Team Triathlon

The venue & time for the Eagles triathlon has now been confirmed. It will be held at the beautiful Sasamat lake in Belcarra, starting at 8am on Saturday July 28. Only 20 minutes from the Burnaby Rugby Fields, the water is 24 degrees, the bike ride around the Belcarra area is a fun ride with amazing views along with the run around the lake.

Afterwards we will be spending an hour or so at the lake to enjoy the 'scenery' and then moving onto to Gary Cooper's place for a BBQ and another swim in the river behind behind his house with family & friends.

The cost is $10 per person which will cover lunch & drinks. Please let Coops or Belly know if you are coming & if you need to borrow a bike ASAP. This will be a 3 person team event with all team members doing every leg together and pushing each other along to finsh to together. There is also the chance to win the first annual Eagles triathlon trophy. A certain coach has already put money on himself to take this out. One of his assistants & team captain have also been rumoured to have pitched a tent at the venue & using their new back yard to get used to the terrain & altitude.


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