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Friday, May 25, 2007

Boys will be boys, or will they?

The whisper from our roving reporter 'the wingman', is that when there is talk of a Ladies Night certain groups of people get excited. The wingman goes onto say, " I'm not talking about the boys getting excited about the stunning chicks like Chris Judd's Mrs attending, I'm actually describing the habits of many other individuals who enjoy dressing up on their private weekends". The wingman, who has broken many stories in his 50 years of a reporter, explains that this habbit, practiced by a former Director of the FBI is not uncommon amongst certain groups. It is however usually kept behind closed doors but can also be described like a drug. An expert from the Sociology department at UBC has explained that many men are just looking for an excuse to 'come out' and show off their pastime when the opportunity arises. He states that "these are men with a lot on their minds and this gives them a release from everyday problems, but it does tend to be addictive. To be able to go public with this is so important for these peolple as many of them have for years tried break the news (unsuccesfully) to their significant other."

The wingman, who is not new to controversy feels that this event may be the perfect time for many to express themselves. But when quizzed on who should get the royal service this Saturday night, he replied with "just ask our coach and president what a Ladies Night means to them".



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