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Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Winners

To all those who were at training last week, you would have experienced the world premiere of the 1 hour tv program 'The Winners', up stairs in the Eagles nest. This program shows highlights of every AFL game from the past weekend. So if you are craving seeing some footy or you just want to see how well the professionals do it, make sure you come upstairs after training every Thursday night. This weeks action includes the mighty Crows dispatching Carlton, Chris Judd eye gouging & Richo going off his nut for the 852nd time in his career . Also, as is the case every week the team will be announced as soon as everyone is up in the club rooms (apart from Wiz, because we want to get home before midnight).
Please click on the gallery link to see some of the photos from Saturday nights Ladies Night. Keep checking as there are still plenty more photos to come.


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