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Monday, June 25, 2007

Eagles have their wings clipped.

The Cougars have come away with two wins in the last two clashes, putting the Eagles board under intense scrutiny.

Last seen, Saturday night going out the back fire escape doors with Coach Freeman and the same three security men that were used to help escort the two central umpires off the field on Saturday, President Hilton had this to say
"Look mate! Two wins, Two losses i wouldn't say that's a need for a review of any players contract or even the bloody coaches for that matter. Clearly we need to have a closer look into the EAGLES NEST and perhaps answer some key questions about our numbers at present, but other than that, I'm bloody proud of theses boy's of how they conduct themselves win or loose. These boys are out on that field giving their all. Aussie Rules is a game of great skill and mental approach. Those two ingredients are a deadly combination for the opposing team. We have the skill and we will be working on the other ingredient as we head into the next game.
We've got a great bunch of blokes at this club that are proud to wear the yellow and blue."

Final Scores: Cougars 15.14.104 def Eagles 4.3.27

Goals Eagles :
Ryan Pedrotti 2, Chris F 1, Shane Burgess 1

Goals Cougars:
Brad 3, Scott 2, Jay 2, Ryan 2, Ben S 2, James M 1, Justin 1, Peter 1, GURU 1


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