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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Umpire Freeman blows his whistle and heads for home.

Umpire Freeman holds the ball aloft to signal the start of the first game in Kelowna. Burnaby Eagles vs Vancouver Cougars

Ken explaining to Myk Aussie "I don't need to do an interview, I'm already a bloody celebrity"
Umpires come and go, but few leave their mark.
Ken Freeman an ambassador to Australian Rules Football heads back to his beloved sun-burnt country but not before he showcased the rules of this great sport and why we need to have them.
Ken headed to Kelowna on the weekend and with soaring temperatures showed what stamina and longevity is all about as he umpired every game.

(match reports, photos, on field and off field reports of Kelowna coming soon)
His thick Aussie accent could be heard from one end of the ground to the other. "Push in the back......... Too high........That's ya mark their mate!.....Play on........All clear six points.........Free kick to Burnaby.......Hold'n the ball......

His most memorable line for 2007 would have to be "Leave the umpiring to me mate! you just bloody play football and shut up!" (not sure of the player in question)

Any player who questions his decisions is quickly reminded that the whistle belongs to him and and their is absolutely BUCKLEY'S of him changing his mind.

Eagles President had this to say " Look mate! the blokes a gem. The guy comes over here for a holiday. Straps on the boots and devotes time to volunteer in umpiring. His expertize of the game helps keep the experienced players in check but more importantly, helps the new players to the game understand the rules better. He simply blows his whistle and rewards a player when necessary and understands the importance of a new player getting a free kick against them in order to advance in their skills."

Umpire Freeman admits he hasn't got eyes in the back of his head and he can only call it as he see's it.

Off the field Ken loves a chin-wag and has been known around the club to be as 'dry as a poms towel' his other love, the pure taste of the nectar of the gods. A good beer with the lads after a game or training is worth the long flight over here.

His stories and verbal expressions of the Australian Dictionary has the boys lining up at the bar to buy this Aussie digger another round. When asked football aside, 'what do you think of Vancouver', his reply "better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick"

From all the boys at Burnaby, thanks Ken mate! We enjoyed your company and hope to see ya back again soon. (two shakes of a dog's tail)


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