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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Match Report Game #2 Eagles v Cougars

Two perspectives were clear as the morning sun rose from its watery depths over the Pacific. From the Eagles nest the sun was shining, a brilliant day for them to show their polished skills and set plays which made them a force in the first game. From the Cougars den it was a day the wind could howl and they could reduce the flying Eagles pack to a congested wind swept mountainside struggle that culminated in a coin toss ending. It was the conclusion of Coach Freeman that the windy day was clearly the result of hydrogen powered wind generators that the cougars had imported from Uzbekistan in an attempt to tax-dump some of the cash they had stockpiled from lucrative sponsorship deals. The generators were connected through Blue-tooth technology to a remote control in Coach Sheens pocket and could control breeze in all directions and strengths.

At the end of the day nothing would be left on the field. The opening bounce once again began to deliver the sort of football the Eagles had become famous for. New recruit “Killer” palming the ball to Adam who speared a pass to the Eagles forward crew. The type of football that leaves the opposition standing on their heals. This great set play awakened the cougars who sprung into desperation and intensity and matched the Eagles blow for blow around the ground. The wind generators hidden around the ground by the cougars but evident any time the Eagles were within scoring range clearly influenced the Eagles accuracy as we failed to post a significant lead but did mount many attacking drives. Coach Sheen could be seen with his hand in his pocket any time the Eagles were within goal range. Solid players in the middle included Adam, Freemo, Boomer and Sully (trialling his new bionic vest).
New players for the Eagles did extremely well and we would like to congratulate Dusty, Raj, Greg, Pat, Robin, Tom and welcome back Justin who when on the ground stood up to the intense play. Well done boys, a Solid first effort.

The half time score was 2 goals 7 = 19 points to the Eagles and 1 goal 4 =10 points to the Cougars.

The third quarter again saw a great contest with tight play around the grounds. Ball-ups and boundary throw-ins were hard to clear and it was often an ugly kick that got the ball moving.
With the Cougars running with their technologically advanced breeze assist program in the 3rd term it was crucial that the Eagles defence stand up and be counted for. And indeed they did. Pete Taylor played a solid game all day and the rest of the defensive line, Neufeld, Che (Bob), Raudoy, Chuck and others all gave great solid defensive efforts and repelled many cougars attacks, although the cougars held a slim lead at 3 quarter time. Young gun Che was awarded the coaches prize of endless beers and in a statement to the media, and a fair lady in a white blouse, after the game announced that he is planning on changing his name by Deed poll to Bob – To make it easier for coach Freeman to pronounce – “How can he get that wrong” said the young Eagle “ It’s the same forwards as it is backwards”. Che was last seen Dancing down Robson St hitting on anything that swayed in the breeze. Way to Go Bob.

The last quarter started with a bang, with another Eagles set play ensuring Ryan (now on the ball) able to get a center clearance that allowed him to latch on to 70 metre torpedo that sailed through even against the cougars new equipment. There was however whispers after the match that coach Grills was upset with his assistant for getting confused with who was going what direction, thus directing the generators to blow in the wrong direction for the first 30 seconds of the last quarter.

After quickly adjusting their technology the cougars replied swiftly with a goal of their own.

The next 15 minutes was dour struggle until the Eagles were able to break the deadlock once again with a goal 3 minutes from time to ensure a gutsy or should we say a gusty win by 3 points!

Great game Eagles. Lets Keep building on a great start to the season.

Thanks go to both Umpires Ken (Mick Dundee) Freeman and Jason (blow the whistler louder) Stratford for a great game.

The game was tough but fair and the Eagles look forward to our next encounter on the 26th.

Goalkickers for the Eagles were: Ryan 2, Randy 1 & Belly 1.


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