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Wednesday, September 27, 2006


AFL Canada is seeking to fill the Head Coaching position and assistants for the men's National team. One assistant will be named from each province. These positions will be decided by the new National team coach.

The Northwind is looking for people to carry on the progress by the last coaching and management staff. These positions will run through the 2008 International Cup.

These are volunteer positions and will be appointed to run through to the end of 2008. The coaches will be required to pay the same proportion of costs as the players. A brief description of the positions will follow.

All applicants must forward an electronic resume to Mike McFarlane (lottaspike@telus.net) by Oct.11, 2006.

Northwind Head Coach:

The Head Coach is responsible for the on-field preformance of the Northwind. He leads the training , selection process and the selection of the team.

The coach will be selected on a combination of previous coaching experience, a demonstrated dedication to AFL Canada, and the ability to teach players who are relatively new to the game of Australian Football. An AFL Level 1/ 2 coaching certification is a plus but not a must.

The coach and his assistants will be required to organize winter training in all 3 provinces.

Northwind Assistant Coaches:

To assist the Head Coach in training, selection process and the selection of the team.

The assistants will be selected by the new Head Coach from the applications recieved by Oct.11, 2006. An AFL Level 1/ 2 is a plus but not a must. At least 1 applicant from each province will be selected.


The Board of AFL Canada


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