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Thursday, September 14, 2006

One day in September

In what should be an exciting week for the Burnaby football club, all eyes will be on the eagles as the try to make up for last years Grandfinal loss to the Seattle Grizzlies.
With the defeat still in the minds of a few players, the boys are more hungry than ever to put on a great preformance this weekend.
In recents weeks the eagles have been playing some solid football with guys running into good form.
With new players this year Jess, Fats, Andy, Fraser and Marty having all good games on the weeknd and canadians Brad, Rowdy, Justin and the Wiz playing good footy last match the signs are good.
Coming into the side for the big day are Rich, Chuck and Randy which gives the team more striking power which must make coach Freeman a happy lad. The eagles who's last game welcomed back last years B&f Louie, that game will put him in good pace for this weekend. We also exspect big games from vetrans Pete, Col, Freemo and Gary Coops to set a good tone for the day.
Whisper has it aound the club dangerous Dale Wakefield and Steve Harper are set to play their best footy of the year.

Good luck this saturday boys and lets make this one day in September, a day to remember.


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