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Friday, August 04, 2006

Calgary Kangaroos West Coast Challenge Champs

Vancouver Cougars 5.2.32 defeated Burnaby Eagles 2.7.19
Calgary Kangaroos 12.8.80 defeated Seattle Grizzlies 0.0.0.
Vancouver Cougars 6.6.42 defeated Seattle Grizzlies 0.1.1.
Calgary Kangaroos 9.9.63 defeated Burnaby Eagles 2.3.15
Calgary Kangaroos 5.5.35 defeated Vancouver Cougars 1.4.10
Burnaby Eagles 8.10.58 defeated Seattle Grizzlies 2.3.15

Tournament Highlights Big Colin Hilton takes a screamer in the goal square in front of the Calgary Kangaroos tall defenders.
Richard Joyce moved up forward and bagged a few goals and many points. He may have just written his ticket to be in the backline for the next match.
The great play all day from Burnaby Eagles MVP Stinky Atkinson

More Highlights

  • Big Chuck in the Com Box. Look out Ritchie, this young bloke knows how to work the mike.
  • A few small melees against the Calgary boys in the first half. We all enjoyed the pushing and shoving.
  • Big Randy Dickins moving up the field against Seattle and playing a blinder.
  • Santo, with his "Twiggy Dunne" like running torpedo snap shots at goal that always went straight through the middle of the big sticks.
  • A massive screamer by Calgary Kangaroo Brad Flower.
  • A good specky by young Cougar Scotty Fleming.
  • Stuey Grills and Douglas "Glamourboy" Vargo playing their 50th NWPAFL match.
  • Mike and Nick McFarlane being the first father and son combination to play in the NWPAFL.
  • Thanks also to the umpires, Aaron, John, Brian and all the kids running the boundary line.
  • Thanks Laura Grills for a great job with the pies and letting us stay up to watch Peter Brady.

It truly was a magnificent day of footy


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