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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


In one of the biggest recruiting coup in the history of the North West Pacific Australian Football League the Burnaby Eagles Football Club have received word that an ex gun player is signed, sealed and delivered and primed to play in the next Eagles V’s Cougars local derby. Rumors abound that the Cougars tried their best to sign the recruit, but there was never a chance that he was ever going to be a Cougar. The highly talented and much recruited player did not want to play for the Cougars after discovering that “Glamourboy” Vargo was their Captain. The mercurial recruit goes on to say, “Nothing against Douglas, but I like Captains that wear their hearts on their sleeves, like Stevie Harper. Not their cufflinks on their sleeves like Dougy Vargo.” It’s believed Stuey Grills is still in shock about losing this high profile player to the Eagles and the only response about the affair was his typical, "Yeah that’s just crap fellas." President Hilton is stoked about the new recruit. While trying to keep a lid on his excitement stated, "Things are looking pretty bloody good for the Eagles for the rest of the season.” Stay tuned for more information on the recruit as it comes to hand.


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