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Friday, July 21, 2006


Tournament Schedule, July 29th
11:00 Cougars vs Eagles
12:00 Calgary vs Seattle
1:00 Calgary vs Eagles
2:00 Cougars vs Seattle
3:00 Calgary vs Cougars
4:00 Seattle vs Eagles

Saturday July 29th will be a HUGE day of footy! Rosie's Calgary Kangaroos will be driving over the Rockies to attempt a three peat and retain the West Coast Challenge Cup. Big Andrew Donlan will be leading the Seattle Grizzlies in their hunt to add some more hardware to their trophy cabinet after leading the Grizzlies to a victory in the 2005 NWPAFL Grand Final. Stuey Grills is already breaking down the Cougars three games into six mini games within games. Eagles coach, Chris Freeman has been over in Calgary spying on the Kangaroos practices and has been bending Myk Aussie's ear on the Kangaroos match day line up. It's going to be a huge day of fantastic footy!

All Eagles players are asked to contact Coach: Chris Freeman at 604 988 8734 or freemo76@hotmail.com to confirm their availabilty for the day. It is a great opportunity to be involved in some of the best footy action in North America.


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