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Monday, May 19, 2008

Hardworking Eagles put season back on track.

A determined Eagles team has led from start to finish beating its cross town rivals. On the warmest day of the year the Eagles came to play and from the start were serious about the way they attacked the ball. The Eagles Canadian player development proved to be working as Dusty opened the scoring playing on the wing!!! Young J.C and Connor showed they were ready for the big league as they shut down some of the veteran Cougars players and repeatedly drove the ball forward.

The key to the Eagles win was its stellar defense. The fullback line of Sullivan, Taylor and Ramano were exceptional. New recruit Frewen was a dominant figure and used his size and speed to stop the few attacking raids that came his way.

The forwards were also dominant. Lead by Cokes at CHF and Belly playing out of the goal square the attacking funnel style of the eagles play demanded a hard working forward option and we definitely got it. Determination and strength was key to their good form. They were well supported by James, Plugger, Darkness and Hilton who all had their best games of the year.

Unlike our previous encounter the cougars had no way to combat the hard running and great decision making skills that the eagles showed under pressure. One passage of play linking 7 hand passes and going through 3 sets of Canadian hands before ending in a shot on goal showed the potential the side has.

The cougars fought back but really had no answer as they looked frustrated and tormented by the much improved Eagles.

The skills training of Coach Wakefield was obviously starting to show as the game plan the Eagles implemented needed precise and skillful football and the eagles had plenty of that.

Hats off to the hard working centre line that through the downfall of the long weekend game had only 2 players on the bench to change with, as many Eagles players left the region in search of adventure. Westy, Cole and Freemo worked hard all day and were happy to hear the siren sound and stand victorious.

In the end a great win from a great bunch of guys and only better things to come from the Eagles Footy Team.

Well done boys, keep up the hard work.


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