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Monday, May 05, 2008

Simon wins!!!!

Without a game to play this weekend the Eagles hit the racetrack to see who is the fastest man on 4 wheels . Check out the race results here --->

Congratulations go to Simon who won the Burnaby Eagles Go-Kart challenge. Credit to Tickets who posted the fastest lap time, proving once again that he is the fastest Eagle over a short distance.

After last years humiliating defeat in the fastest man on two legs contest, Chris 'The Fastman' Freeman chose to be a late scratching from the race,. This allowed Tickets to pick up another fastest man contest, with Freemo again not able to live up to all the hype of such a big event. Coach Tickets is said to be in talks with President Hilton about getting the aging mid-fielder an appointment at Port Moody Sports Pscychology Centre to aid in the recovery of these recent thrashings.

Honourable mention to Dale Handley who must have been preparing for his Marathon the next day. He had some people questioning whether his go-kart even had an engine. But congrats on the Half-Marathon completion on Sunday

The Darkness - with that fast looking helmet you looked like a sure bet but the mechanics of the kart failed to let your potential shine.

Morgan, aka the killer showed more aggression than he does on the field to try and eliminate the opposition with every turn - as he repeatedly took people out he could be heard saying "Rubbin' is Racin'" as he flew by.

Doc Dusty was certain that his race lap timer wasnt working as he continued to post lap times 2-3 times slower than the girls. Better luck next time Dusty. Keep on keepin' on.

Sara and Cherrie, your driving ability was sensational and all the boys were very impressed with the way you handled those karts around the tight corners of the Richmond track.

But in the end it was Simon with the fastest kart and the daring speed that saw him qualify for pole position and take the race virtually unchallenged. WELL DONE

Great event and thanks to everyone for participating.


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