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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where the bloody hell are you

Click on the link below and then make that call to be an EAGLE


The Burnaby Eagles Football club is inviting all sports enthusiast to come out and play, watch or be a fan of Aussie rules football. We have some new blood and exceptional football knowledge on the Eagles committee board for 2007. One of them being Canadian, Chris Raudoy, whose love for this game and talent is something we hope at Eagles camp, will bring in more Non Australians to join and be a part of this great club. (see contacts list for 2007 board members)

2007 will see the Eagles soar to new heights as we tackle some serious issues that need to be addressed....... One, being, staying true to our club members and our fans by keeping them more informed and placing them under the EAGLES WING through a more updated website. We will be introducing the Eagles very own email link set up on the website so when you join the club, you really are part of the club.

With BC Footy being the head of the league, under the guidance of Commissioner Campo, both Burnaby Eagles and Vancouver Cougars are predicting a rise in club membership and with more structure in and around both clubs, this should benefit all those who love and support this great game.

So ! Come on down for a run, or contact either club for more information and be a part of Aussie rules football.

TRAINING :- This Saturday Feb' 24th
TIME :- 2:15
WHERE :- Burnaby Lakes Grounds

For more info' contact Chris Freeman - t: 604 988-8734 freemo76@hotmail.com


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