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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pre-season worth the weight for Tickets

It appears the ‘rise’ of young midfielder Dale Wakefield is continuing at the Burnaby Eagles football club, and it has nothing to do with a ‘rise’ in weight.

After impressing last year in his first full season with the Eagles, the modest Wakefield explains “ I just felt I could get even better if I dropped a few pounds”.

After an end of season evaluation, Wakefield admits that coach Freeman was ecstatic about his season. “Look, he was really happy with my work ethic and continually reminded me of the fantastic 4 goals I kicked in 1 quarter last year”.

“I see myself as part of the leadership group now and I just felt and should try and improve and lead by example. The only improvement that I could think of was to shed a few kilos to help me kick 5 in a quarter this season. I understand my consistency has never been questioned.”

Wakefield 25, a former junior superstar (who once kicked 9 goals in a half) comments, “I’ve really enjoyed the pre-season so far, I don’t think I’ve missed a session which is real important. I do have to watch myself in the weights room though. I find if I lift too many heavy weights I become too muscular and that’s not what I’m there for. It’s not a body building contest out there.”

The kid from the Illawarra points out, “you play footy for the team aspect and that’s why I gave up a promising career in rugby league. There are too many individuals in that sport and that doesn’t sit comfortably with me.”

Colin Hilton (Eagles president) supports Freeman’s remarks by explaining, “we couldn’t be happier with him. It really is an old head on young shoulders when you talk about Dale. He showed in last years Grand Final what an intimidating figure he can be out there and for Dale to take it upon himself to try and improve on a close to perfect game, shows great character from the young fella.”

In a final statement from the shy youngster, Wakefield explains that his nickname of ‘Tickets’ goes back to his school days in Melbourne, when his school Principal felt it was only fair to sell tickets to see such a talent playing school footy.

The now famous tickets, used at a primary school footy match.


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