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Monday, September 03, 2007

Eagles win series 5 - 2

EAGLES 10. 12. 72 def. COUGARS 2. 2. 14

After another slick training session by the Eagles on Thursday night the jokes about president Hilton leaving Starbucks early on Friday to get to the game on time were bandied around. However it was made apparent that the joke was on the rest of the team come 6pm Friday evening when coach Freeman put Hilton on speaker phone before the match. "Yeaaah, look here Chris. If ya gunna start bein smart arses then ya can paint ya own numbers on ya back, cause the coffee is sure tast'n good!".
So without jumpers it was (for 1st quarter anyway) for the Eagles boys. The presidents joke seemed to work like a charm as everyone at the ground were not happy about Hilton's antics apart from Che Pritchard.
The early disruption however did little to distract the Eagles focus as they ran and tackled hard in the 1st quarter. As the yellow and blue guernsey's were donned at quarter time the Eagles continued their workrate and team-work to increase their lead throughout the match to finally run out winners 10 goals 12 behinds 72, to 2 goals 2 behinds 14. The win was a total team effort as there was no truer comment made after the match than 'all played well'.
Young Robin lead hard and kicked accurately to finish with 4 goals. Steve Harper kicked the best goal of his career, Plugger worked hard up forward and on the wing as did Ben Lomas and Gary Cooper. Goal scoring machine Ray made the tackle of the day saving a certain goal which inspired his team-mates with Jim & Tom following suit with some great tackles of their own. Freemo presented well up forward as did Rich when swapped with Ryan from CHB to CHF. Rich finished with a classy goal as Ryan showed his class down back. Justin, Dusty, Dave & Frase ran hard all day with Frase finishing with a goal of his own. Pete Taylor put his hand up in the last quarter to be a pinch hitter up forward in the finals, kicking a goal that never looked like missing. Hitlon contiued his great form this season as did Adam who continually ran off his man from defence. Chuck & Che were unstoppable runners all day as was the general in the middle Mick Peddler. The whole club would like to thank Mick for efforts on and off the ground these past two months and wish him all the best.

All players must get to training over the next 2 weeks to give them a chance to start in the Grand Final on the 15th.


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