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Tuesday, January 29, 2008



Where: Burnaby Lakes Grass Fields
When: Saturday Feb 16th @2pm
Bring: Football Boots, runners

NOTE: After the run we will be going to visit our new sponsor only 10 minutes away. The Hop and Vine pub

New players welcome

See you all Saturday.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Pre Season Indoor Training Sessions

It is official! The 2008 footy season is under way! New Eagles Supercoach, Dale "Tickets" Wakefield has informed the Lower Mainland Media that the Eagles will start pre season training at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday January 24 and Thursday February 21 at L.A. Matheson Secondary School in Surrey. Tickets has acquired exclusive use of the school gym to carry out the crucial pre season skin fold, beep and VO2 Max tests to assess the Eagles overall fitness level. Players will also be able to hone their skills with the Sherrin and try their luck in the first Eagles Basketball Dunk Competition where veteran Colin Hilton is already a heavily backed favourite to take out the title. 

L.A. Matheson is located at 9484 122 Street, Surrey. A map to the location can be found at the following link: L.A. Matheson

Coach Wakefield expects all players to attend these important training sessions. Please confirm your availability with Tickets by contacting him at 778 998 3049 or via email at dale_wakefield@hotmail.com

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Pre-season report

Sullys on the Sauce

While most players have decided to kick back and enjoy the off season there is one player well in truly into his training program for the upcoming season. Eagles 2nd year player David Sullivan (recruited from Kojunup, W.A.) has to be the most focused and determined player in league at the moment. Dave admits last year was one of his most disappointing in football and can’t wait to get out there and set things right. “Yeah, look to miss out on the Grand Final because of injury and then to watch the boys lose in the way they did was heartbreaking”. “It was such a frustrating end to the year after we dominated every other part of the season”.

So what specifically is Sullivan doing to make sure the Eagles finish off 2008 the right way? “Well, after sitting down with a few people and going through my end of season review with the club it was made pretty clear that I really needed to improve my courage and hardness at the ball”. “So personally I’ve been working really hard on this since the end of last season”. With the help of a few of his teammates and one of his siblings (who has traveled from Australia to support him), Sully has been drinking as much red wine as he can handle to improve his intake/time conversion. “Look, it was suggested to me that if I could get some Dutch courage leading into games this season, then maybe some of the injuries that occurred to me last year will not be a factor.” “It’s a bit embarrassing to admit but if I'd just thrown myself under packs a bit more and made sure that I was the one to win the hard-ball get, then maybe these injuries wouldn’t of occurred.” “The more wine I can drink before games the better.”

Dave’s major injury, which happened in the Eagles dominating BC Cup performance, was one of major concern. “Yeah mate it was a bit touch and go there for a while.” “I really thought the boys were out of action for good!” Contrary to this frightening thought it seems the injury may have had the opposite affect, as it was not long after the season ended that Dave and his beautiful wife were presented with the news that they were expecting their first child. “The news was such a relief, and of course exciting at the same time.” “I guess things couldn’t be any better." "Not only have I been blessed with some of the best news in my life but to have Mary give me her share of the W.A. wine (brought over by Dave’s sister) and then be the designated driver over this pre-season, things are really looking up for 2008.”

Burnaby’s new coach Dale Wakefield said Sullivan seems to be on the right track.. “Dave understands now where to improve and this sort of dedication and can only be an inspiration to the other boys” said Wakefield.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Australia Day
Australian Football Game
(BCFooty versus ISSC "Vancouver Irish")
It is official -
2008 will have the 2nd Annual Aussie Day Cup between the BCfooty and the ISSC.

When: Saturday, 26 January 2008
Time: 12:30 (1:15pm game start).
Where: UBC Soccer Fields (Cnr 16th & Westbrook Mall, UBC)

All players welcome! The more spectators the better!!!
The focus of the day is to showcase Australian Football in a friendly, fun spirited game where winning is really not too important!!!
This event is a precurser to the 2008 St.Patricks Day Gaelic game which showcases the great Irish sport!
Participation from both clubs is always appreciated and ensures a great day for all.
Let the tradition continue!
After match festivities will be held at the VAFC Sponsor Pub - Mahony's Bar and Grill (located at UBC) where Aussie Beers, BBQ's and other Aussie foods and treats will be showcased!
19+ yr old entry restricted to this venue.
Raffles and Prizes will also be featured!
Lets help promote this event and ensure that it is a huge day of sport and fun!