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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Pre-season worth the weight for Tickets

It appears the ‘rise’ of young midfielder Dale Wakefield is continuing at the Burnaby Eagles football club, and it has nothing to do with a ‘rise’ in weight.

After impressing last year in his first full season with the Eagles, the modest Wakefield explains “ I just felt I could get even better if I dropped a few pounds”.

After an end of season evaluation, Wakefield admits that coach Freeman was ecstatic about his season. “Look, he was really happy with my work ethic and continually reminded me of the fantastic 4 goals I kicked in 1 quarter last year”.

“I see myself as part of the leadership group now and I just felt and should try and improve and lead by example. The only improvement that I could think of was to shed a few kilos to help me kick 5 in a quarter this season. I understand my consistency has never been questioned.”

Wakefield 25, a former junior superstar (who once kicked 9 goals in a half) comments, “I’ve really enjoyed the pre-season so far, I don’t think I’ve missed a session which is real important. I do have to watch myself in the weights room though. I find if I lift too many heavy weights I become too muscular and that’s not what I’m there for. It’s not a body building contest out there.”

The kid from the Illawarra points out, “you play footy for the team aspect and that’s why I gave up a promising career in rugby league. There are too many individuals in that sport and that doesn’t sit comfortably with me.”

Colin Hilton (Eagles president) supports Freeman’s remarks by explaining, “we couldn’t be happier with him. It really is an old head on young shoulders when you talk about Dale. He showed in last years Grand Final what an intimidating figure he can be out there and for Dale to take it upon himself to try and improve on a close to perfect game, shows great character from the young fella.”

In a final statement from the shy youngster, Wakefield explains that his nickname of ‘Tickets’ goes back to his school days in Melbourne, when his school Principal felt it was only fair to sell tickets to see such a talent playing school footy.

The now famous tickets, used at a primary school footy match.

This Week In The Nest

Coach Freeman will once again be running a couple of footy training session on

Thursday March 1 at 7:15 p.m. &
Saturday March 3 at 2:15 p.m.
at the Burnaby Lake Rugby Fields

As last Saturdays turn out was poor due to the weather, Coach Freeman is hoping this weekend will be the best turn out of the year. He is hoping to have 20 blokes out at training so the Eagles can have some decent pre season work before the start of the season, which is only a short 3 weeks away.

Please drop Freemo an email if you are available to come out on Saturday @
freemo76@hotmail.com or give him a bell at 604 961 6874

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Where the bloody hell are you

Click on the link below and then make that call to be an EAGLE


The Burnaby Eagles Football club is inviting all sports enthusiast to come out and play, watch or be a fan of Aussie rules football. We have some new blood and exceptional football knowledge on the Eagles committee board for 2007. One of them being Canadian, Chris Raudoy, whose love for this game and talent is something we hope at Eagles camp, will bring in more Non Australians to join and be a part of this great club. (see contacts list for 2007 board members)

2007 will see the Eagles soar to new heights as we tackle some serious issues that need to be addressed....... One, being, staying true to our club members and our fans by keeping them more informed and placing them under the EAGLES WING through a more updated website. We will be introducing the Eagles very own email link set up on the website so when you join the club, you really are part of the club.

With BC Footy being the head of the league, under the guidance of Commissioner Campo, both Burnaby Eagles and Vancouver Cougars are predicting a rise in club membership and with more structure in and around both clubs, this should benefit all those who love and support this great game.

So ! Come on down for a run, or contact either club for more information and be a part of Aussie rules football.

TRAINING :- This Saturday Feb' 24th
TIME :- 2:15
WHERE :- Burnaby Lakes Grounds

For more info' contact Chris Freeman - t: 604 988-8734 freemo76@hotmail.com

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Early Retirement On The Cards?

Source: Ding Dong
A Sheen Sheep is Shorn…

Reports last night from the Cougars camp is that their ‘tough man’ Scott Sheen will announce his retirement from the game as early as this week. The man they call ‘sheep’ – after following instructions from Coach Grills to cause opponents ‘a sense of uncertainty when in packs’ (and everybody has stopped running) – has a serious ankle injury that will not allow him to play as the club needs him to play. A Cougars official close to the coaching panel has explained that Sheen’s injury “will not allow him to get to enough stoppages to be able to pinch, poke and wedgie his opponents as in the past”. The official goes onto say “that his ankle is like a wet sail flopping in the breeze”.

It is also understood that the 28 year old has lost motivation for the game after getting the news that his wife is pregnant with their first child.

A Cougars player was heard at training last week describing that not only does Sheen have other things on his mind, but the slur his name received after his ‘Craig Kelly’ like pinching and ‘John Hopoate’ like antics last season, has Sheen feeling like he has had enough! The player continued, “He is now looking at life after football”.

Charlie's hero - checking the core temperature

Sheen omitted last year, that it was the worst time of his life and he was at the lowest point of his career.

Other reports is that Sheen’s relationship with Coach Grills has also been compromised with rumours spreading that Sheen blames Grills for the bad publicity as well as this latest decision from the coaching panel. This latest report from Cougar land could be huge distraction for the team as they prepare for he start of the upcoming season. When contacted for a comment, Stuey Grills merely said, "Hey, have you seen me new work truck? It's a bloody beauty!"

Wednesday, February 14, 2007



Over the next 4 Thursdays (starting this Thursday, February 15) we will be meeting at the Burnaby Lakes Rugby Fields at 7.30pm for a light run for those who might be interested in getting buff for summer and getting together before training starts.

Training kick this Saturday

As was the case last weekend, we will be meeting at Burnaby Lakes Rugby Fields again for a bit of a fun kick and a catch up, this weekend Saturday February 17 at 2pm. It’s a great way to hone those skills before the real training starts. All new players and anyone interested are very welcome, we would love to see you there.

Please email Chris Freeman at freemo76@hotmail.com for any questions.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

2007 Season Schedule

Click on the schedule and you will be able to read it.