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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

AFL Grand Final Live at Burnaby Lakes!

The AFL Grand Final will be shown LIVE on the Big screen at the Burnaby Lakes Rugby Pavilion this Friday Night - September the 29th. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations. The Rugby club will be showing the game on two huge TV's, with full sound and commentary.

Doors open at 7.30pm for a 9.30pm start. The night is a major fundraiser for both Vancouver clubs so please pass the word and invite as many friends, family, random people you meet on the street - as possible.

Entry is $5 which will give you a ticket for some exciting door prizes, and help fund our upcoming Vegas trip.If you're new to the club, please see the attached link for a map to the venue (Cnr of Sprott and Sperling Streets).Burnaby Lakes Pavilion


AFL Canada is seeking to fill the Head Coaching position and assistants for the men's National team. One assistant will be named from each province. These positions will be decided by the new National team coach.

The Northwind is looking for people to carry on the progress by the last coaching and management staff. These positions will run through the 2008 International Cup.

These are volunteer positions and will be appointed to run through to the end of 2008. The coaches will be required to pay the same proportion of costs as the players. A brief description of the positions will follow.

All applicants must forward an electronic resume to Mike McFarlane (lottaspike@telus.net) by Oct.11, 2006.

Northwind Head Coach:

The Head Coach is responsible for the on-field preformance of the Northwind. He leads the training , selection process and the selection of the team.

The coach will be selected on a combination of previous coaching experience, a demonstrated dedication to AFL Canada, and the ability to teach players who are relatively new to the game of Australian Football. An AFL Level 1/ 2 coaching certification is a plus but not a must.

The coach and his assistants will be required to organize winter training in all 3 provinces.

Northwind Assistant Coaches:

To assist the Head Coach in training, selection process and the selection of the team.

The assistants will be selected by the new Head Coach from the applications recieved by Oct.11, 2006. An AFL Level 1/ 2 is a plus but not a must. At least 1 applicant from each province will be selected.


The Board of AFL Canada

Monday, September 18, 2006


congratulations to the Vancouver Cougars for being the

The Cougars pulled off a spectacular Grand Final victory over the Burnaby Eagles in a low scoring toughly fought match.
Full match report along with photo's from the big day to follow later in the week.

Cougars v Eagles :- Preliminary Round
Cougars 4.4.28 to the Eagles 6.9.45
Goals Cougars - Vargo 2, Fleming 1, Macri 1
Eagles - Chuck 2, Hilton 1, Andy 1, Marty 1, Brad 1

Cougars v Grizzlies :- Preliminary Round
Cougars 6.4.40 to the Grizzlies 4.10.34
Goals Cougars - Vargo 2, Chip 2, Grills 1, Macri 1

Eagles v Grizzlies :- Preliminary Round
Eagles 10.6.66 to the Grizzlies 6.7.43
Goals Eagles - Wakefield 2, Jesse 2, Chuck 1, Hilton 1, Lewie 1, Dickins 1, Andy 1, Freemo 1

Cougars v Eagles :- NWPAFL Grand Final
Cougars 4.7.31 to the Eagles 3.7.25
Goals Cougars - Vargo 3, Chip 1
Eagles - Wakefield 2, Wilson 1

Thursday, September 14, 2006

One day in September

In what should be an exciting week for the Burnaby football club, all eyes will be on the eagles as the try to make up for last years Grandfinal loss to the Seattle Grizzlies.
With the defeat still in the minds of a few players, the boys are more hungry than ever to put on a great preformance this weekend.
In recents weeks the eagles have been playing some solid football with guys running into good form.
With new players this year Jess, Fats, Andy, Fraser and Marty having all good games on the weeknd and canadians Brad, Rowdy, Justin and the Wiz playing good footy last match the signs are good.
Coming into the side for the big day are Rich, Chuck and Randy which gives the team more striking power which must make coach Freeman a happy lad. The eagles who's last game welcomed back last years B&f Louie, that game will put him in good pace for this weekend. We also exspect big games from vetrans Pete, Col, Freemo and Gary Coops to set a good tone for the day.
Whisper has it aound the club dangerous Dale Wakefield and Steve Harper are set to play their best footy of the year.

Good luck this saturday boys and lets make this one day in September, a day to remember.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

COME ON, are you BLIND. It's a GOAL mate!


Training is scheduled for Wednesday September 13th at Burnaby Lakes GRASS fields. Usual time of 6.30pm to 8.30pm.The NWPAFL Grand FinalIs this Saturday - September 16th at the UBC Soccer Grounds. See attached map for directions. UBC Soccer Fields

Game Schedule
12.00pm Cougars v Eagles
1.10pm Cougars v Grizzlies
2.30pm Eagles v Grizzlies
4.00pm Grand Final (Top 2 ranked teams)

Games will be 2x25 minutes halves accept for the Grand Final which will be 4x15 minute quarters.

Please pump up this game to everyone you know as everyone is invited to come along. We will be serving the usual pies, drinks etc. at the ground.

AFL Grand Final Day
As per last year, the Grannie will be shown LIVE on the Big screen at the Burnaby Lakes Rugby Pavilion on Friday Night (game time around 9.30pm) September the 29th.For a map to the pavilion please refer to the attached link. Burnaby Lakes Pavilion

Saturday September 9th
Eagles Win Big in the Wet
It was a wet conditions that faced the Cougars and Eagles in Game 8 of the Local Derby Series. As has been the case in recent weeks, a dominant Eagles centreline took control of the game and delivered a deserved victory for Coach Freeman playing in his 50th game.The Cougars backline battled all day to keep the team in it, but in the end the Eagles were too strong.
Final Score:-
Eagles 9.10.64 to the Cougars 2.12.24


"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal
Nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong attitude."

Friday, September 08, 2006

Super Coach's Wife Takes Tipping Title!

CONGRATS to Laura Grills!
Winner of the 2006 BC FOOTY Tipping Competition!

The top 10 finished as follows and their supported AFL team in brackets:

1. Laura Grills (Brisbane)
2. Pete Taylor (Kangaroos)
3. Nelson Ferrett (Fremantle)
4. Andrew Orfanos (Adelaide)
5. Myk Aussie (Adelaide)
6. Tim McGrath (Richmond)
7. Charles "Chuck" Buchanan (Brisbane)
8. Chris Freeman (Collingwood)
9. John Hoad (Brisbane)
10. Jason Stratford (Adelaide)

It seems that Adelaide & Brisbane supporters were the best tippers in our little group. We look forward to doing it all again in 2007 so look out for info on it starting when the time nears.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Freeman to join the 50 game club!

This weekend, one of the most popular members of the BCFooty community will line up for Game 50 in the upcoming Cougars v Eagles clash.

Known over the years under many names- Happy Gilmore, PeeWee Herman, Schnoza, RookieCoach to name a few - Freemo has been a fantastic player/coach/board member for both the Cougars and the Eagles over his 50 games.

Always his harshest critic, Freemo has always been a player determined to get the best out of himself and his teammates on the footy field. You can see it on the field in his determination for the ball and at the man and certainly in his elbow (which has been known to rise a little too high from time to time…)!

His desire for success is so strong; you’ll never see a man more disappointed at losing than Freemo. Following a loss, you could swear a close member of his family must have just passed on. If only someone could teach him to stop shaking hands like a little pansy after he loses a game though!! (not that there's anything wrong with that. - editor)

Chris has always been an active member of footy in BC. Be it on either Board or as Coach. During his brief stint as Coach of the Cougars, he took the side on its most successful season runs ever with a 7-2 record and the Premiership. He was duly sacked by the Cougars Board before the start of the next season but happily took up the post of Eagles coach where last year he led the team to an antagonising Grand Final loss against Seattle.

Clearly keen to lead them back to the Grand Final in 2006, a rejuvenated Freemo has recently been playing some of his best footy in years.

Freemo has also been involved in many of the lighthearted moments that make the club what it is, including –

• Managing to get completely nude in the middle of Cowboys nightclub in Calgary because “a girl said she’d buy me a drink” – she did.
• Slicing his ankle open with an axe while chopping wood on a camping trip – an injury that still affects him today.
• Taking great pride in his imitation of certain senior BC Footballers and encouraging others to give it a go.
• Relieving himself in his pants in the bus on the way back from Seattle on one of our road trips – nooooo Chris you did not “spill your drink” as you claim.
• Distributing emails/messages with some of the worst spelling and grammar you will ever see, giving all absolutely no confidence to the Melton education system and indicating that Chris has absolutely no idea where the spell check button is on his computer.

Congrats Freemo on 50 games!

Cougars Career Highlights:
First played – August 2002.
Games – 49 (Eagles 28, Cougars 21)
Goals – 29 (Eagles 17, Cougars 12)
Awards – Cougars Captain 2003; Cougars Premiership Coach 2004; Eagles Coach 2005-06; Dual Premiership Player.
Coaching Record – 19-16 (Eagles - 12-14, Cougars - 7-2)